A woman excitedly opens the ribbon on a gift
The Zodiac Signs That Are The Best Holiday Gift Givers
In astrology, our cosmic alignment at the moment of our births is thought to mold our personas, define our strengths and weaknesses, and even predict our life's journey.
Giving gifts around the holidays might also be influenced by our zodiac sign. Three water and air signs are known to be nurturing, humanitarian, and intuitive.
Aquarius, Cancer, and Pisces are excellent gift-givers. You should celebrate if one of these signs chooses your name for Secret Santa.
Expect something unique, top-of-the-line, and generous from an Aquarius. If they've observed an area of lack in your life, they'll tactfully come through with the perfect solution.
You can likely expect a homey, comforting gift from a nurturing Cancer. This sign instinctively understands what soothes the soul and the importance of comfort at home.
Insightful and creative, Pisces is likely to know just what will pull at your heartstrings. Don't be surprised to receive something uniquely crafted by hand (most likely by them).