The Zodiac Signs That Are Total Cheapskates
Even though Taurus is famous for loving luxurious items and great experiences, they’re not willing to pay for it with their own money. They hate the thought of wasting money, so they’ll ponder for hours and days before deciding to purchase something.
Virgos are obsessive when it comes to money, and they probably won’t lend you a couple of dollars for a soda, so don’t bother asking. They may criticize a friend or family member’s bad spending habits, and they’ll likely make opinionated comments about people spending cash on expensive items.
Don’t expect a Scorpio to spend their paycheck on you, and due to their independent nature, they’ll most likely turn down an invitation to a night out or a weekend getaway. Chances are, they aren’t declining the invitation because they don’t like you, they just want to save the money for themselves.
Capricorns are very hard-working, so they don’t want to spend their hard-worked money recklessly, especially on others. This sign takes a lot of satisfaction in having a lot of money saved up, so don’t expect them to splurge on friends or family members.