The Zodiac Signs That Most Definitely Have Their Walls Up
Cancer is represented by a crab, and like a crab, Cancer has a hard outer shell that’s tricky to crack open. To avoid heartbreak, disappointment, or betrayal, they feel they need to defend themselves by putting up a wall, but once you break it down they’ll be extremely loyal and protective of you.
This sign is represented by the imagery of the virgin, and a virgin could be seen as someone who is protecting a precious part of themselves, similar to a Virgo. Virgos protect themselves by sticking to surface-level emotions and never revealing their innermost reality, so to get a Virgo to open up, be honest and open with them.
Scorpios are known for being a fiery sign, but they tend to keep their guard around strangers and casual acquaintances and may engage in some mind games to level the playing field. This sign is the ultimate grudge holder, so they are quick to use that scorpion stinger when they feel threatened or attacked.
Capricorns are well-grounded but sometimes inflexible and unyielding, so their stubbornness can bring some issues to a relationship. You’ll have to get through various obstacles and tests to prove to a Capricorn that you’re worthy of getting closer to them, just be patient and show your true self.
Aquarians have a reputation for being aloof in close relationships, and astrologer Tess Lee says they “often think people don't understand them, and sometimes Aquarians do that purposefully because they prefer not to be understood.” They can also seem perfectly chatty and pleasant without ever delving into something deeper.