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The Zodiac Signs That Promise A Chaotic Relationship
Most chaotic relationships aren’t healthy, so it's worth knowing which zodiac signs are more prone to chaos in case you think you might be picking up on some wild behavior.
1. Chaotic Aries
Aries are known for their wild and impulsive behavior, and their tendency to take dangerous risks and lack of empathy toward other people's concerns is a recipe for chaos.
If you don’t mind some crazy behavior, you should be fine, but if you get nervous around dangerous actions, your relationship with an Aries might just push you over the edge.
2. Moody Gemini
Sometimes, a Gemini’s mood swings can cause chaos in a relationship. While truly caring and loving on their good days, Geminis can get pretty mean from time to time.
If you're patient enough not to be scared off by Gemini’s moodiness, you might just find it frustrating at times. Otherwise, their intense highs and lows may be too much for you.
3. Attention-Hungry Leo
Leos love attention, but their desire for admiration can get tiring. If they believe you aren't giving them enough attention, they’ll likely get upset and may even throw a fit.
Moreover, Leos love to party and will do so all night long. If you aren’t particularly thrilled about night outs, you might find Leo's ultra-extraverted antics too much.
4. Fearless Scorpio
Scorpios are as fearless as they are intense, and if you don't have a thrill-seeking side, they might push you out of your comfort zone further than your patience will allow.
This sign also has some toxic tendencies, and can become controlling and manipulative in relationships. Calling out their toxic behavior may also lead to chaotic arguments.