The Zodiac Signs That Will Be There For You No Matter What
If you manage to get close to a Capricorn and have them open up to you, you’ll gain a fiercely loyal companion for life. They will be honest and blunt with you, but you can be sure that they’ll always have your best interest at heart and will be there whenever you need them.
The adoration of a Leo can extend past themselves to others they find worthy, but you’ll have to bring your own loyalty to the table. It will take some work to get through to a Leo, but once you do, you can be sure that you’ll have a comrade for the long haul.
People born under Aries are loud, passionate, and honest, so you can be sure that their allegiance is unbreakable. They will cheer you on no matter what and they will encourage you to remain passionate about your hobbies and interests.
A Scorpio is a hard nut to crack because they like to keep their secrets to themselves, but if you manage to get close to one, they will protect you and all of your secrets as if they were their own. Scorpios will never betray your trust, so don’t betray theirs because they have a vindictive streak.
Someone born under Taurus will always be there for you and will cancel their plans if you need them. Taurus’ can be very emotional, so they’ll jump right into a warm friendship and if you like your friends a little clingy and close-knit, then a Taurus is perfect.