These Alcohols Give You The Worst Hangovers
Bourbon is twice as likely to cause bad feelings associated with a hangover, since “[its] toxic natural substances can add to the ill effects as our body reacts to them,” says professor Demaris Rohsenow. If you want to avoid these dreaded effects, stick to high-quality bourbons, or try a brand with zero alcohol.
Like many alcohols, whiskey has a high concentration of congeners, which are naturally occurring compounds in alcohol that greatly contribute to your hangover. To avoid feeling sick the next day, The Whiskey Reviewer recommends drinking in moderation or switching to a lighter liquor like vodka after a whiskey beverage.
Generally, brandy is made with grapes, though it can be made from apples and stone fruits like cherries, peaches, and apricots. Brandy is quite strong at 80 to 100 proof, and despite its lovely texture and pleasant taste, The Chicago Tribune notes brandy is one of the alcohols most likely to give you a bad hangover.
There are several variations of rum, including white, gold, dark, or black, with additional flavored and spiced rums available. While all types of rum can contribute to a potentially crippling full-body hangover, dark rum is considered to be the more risky option due to its congener content.
Red Wine
Every wine drinker has probably experienced the dreaded wine hangover, and while the guilty congeners and tannins are present in most red wines, Wine Folly notes that certain reds are safer bets. Dry and medium-bodied wines are less likely to cause hangovers; avoiding cheap, bulk wines is also a sound option.