These Easy Tips Will Help You Slim Down Your Bloated Wardrobe
The easiest way to cut down on your wardrobe is to try everything on and donate what no longer fits. Don’t dwell on pieces that don’t fit because your body is always changing and clothes are meant to fit your body, not the other way around.
Hanger Trick
The hanger trick helps you learn what items you regularly wear, so you’ll want to hang all your hangers backward, then flip them back around when you reach for an item. After the amount of time that you’ve allotted yourself, you’ll be able to check and see which pieces you haven’t touched.
Document Outfits
Try documenting your outfits daily by taking photos, taking notes, or starting a spreadsheet. This method will show you what pieces you enjoy wearing daily and which pieces you aren’t particularly drawn to.
Everyone has favorite cuts and colors that they gravitate to, so you might have duplicates of very similar items. Instead of keeping six black crew necks, consider cutting that down to two, so you’ll have one main sweater and one backup without overflowing your closet.
Temporary Capsule
The capsule wardrobe is when you choose a few of your most worn pieces and completely block off the rest of your closet. After a few weeks of choosing between these items, think about which pieces you missed the most and you’ll realize which ones you can get rid of.