This Is The Big Problem With Aerosol Spray Sunscreens
Sunscreen is the best way to prevent melanoma caused by overexposure to UV rays, and people often look for the easiest way to get sun protection before heading out, which is why aerosol spray sunscreens are a popular choice. However, aerosol sunscreens may not be your best bet, and you should at least consider different formulas.
Part of the problem with these sunscreens is the spray, which releases tiny titanium dioxide particles that can get deep into your lungs and cause permanent damage. Additionally, unless you're rubbing in your sunscreen, you are missing sections of skin that might give you an odd sunburn and put you at risk for overexposure to UV rays.
Spray sunscreens also pose a real threat to coral reefs, even if the sunscreen is labeled reef-safe. When applying, rub it in and let it absorb into your skin before getting in the water, limiting the amount that transfers to the ecosystem. Spray sunscreens also contain flammable ingredients that could cause burns on your skin, so don’t ever apply near an open flame.