A woman sits in a beach chair in a bikini and sunglasses
Thongkini: The Summer 2023 Swimwear Trend For The Bold
For the hot summer months, Kendall Jenner seems to be pivoting to thong bikinis, setting the tone for the rest of us. Here are the best thongkini styles to rock this summer.
Brazilian Cut
A true Brazilian bikini cut has thin, hip-hugging straps and triangle thongs. Originally the look required a trip to Brazil, but local labels now offer the design.
The LA Thongkini
The LA thongkini is America’s attempt to catch up with the Brazilian cut. Opt for tie-up bottoms, which hug the hips and offer adjustable coverage.
Cheeky Cut
For a skimpier bikini that doesn’t show too much skin, try cheeky bottoms. Many come with scrunching in the middle to create a flattering shape for anyone’s beach bum.
Barbie Doll Thong
If you can pull off skimpy thong bikinis and seek the least coverage possible, try the Barbie doll style. The lesser the coverage, the cuter the tan lines.
Comfy Thong
Some of us have more to cover than others down there. Certain brands make thong bikinis with more V coverage, while others may want you to size up for enough coverage.