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TikTok Hacks To Make Press-On Nails Last Longer
Press-ons can be an affordable and convenient way to have professional-looking nails. Though they are meant to be temporary, there are ways to extend how long they stay on.
Ann McFerran, CEO and co-founder of Glamnetic says the key to long-lasting press-on nails is using enough glue and immediately reapplying if air bubbles are under the nails.
TikToker @SisaBeauty7 adheres and removes a sticky tab on her nail before adding the glue and press-ons. A follower agreed that hers lasted three weeks using this method.
To make her nails stay in place for over two weeks, TikToker @megshomeedit used a file and removed the dust before applying the glue, giving it a surface to adhere to.
Indya Ajai shared a video on her TikTok, claiming wiping her nails with rubbing alcohol after filing is the prep needed to make her press-on mani stay on for three weeks.
Adding a nail buffer is even more helpful. Another crucial yet often overlooked prep step is to push back your cuticles and allow the right amount of space for the press-on nails.