A beautiful woman looking at the camera looking perturbed by her damaged hair
TikTok's Dental Floss Hack Is The Perfect Way To Tame Flyaways
Everyone who uses TikTok knows that the social media platform brings up a new beauty hack almost daily, sometimes using common household items, such as tin foil, can help eliminate flyaways. And it's not just tin foil — believe it or not, TikTok has a flyaway-reducing hack involving dental floss.
TikTokers with straight, wavy, and curly hair all seem to enjoy this hack. Here’s how it works: All you do is take a long string of dental floss and slowly rub the floss down your locks, smoothing down flyaways using the wax on the floss.
However, it’s crucial to see what experts say about up-and-coming TikTok beauty hacks, as some of these may not be practical for the long term. The general consensus is that while it’s great in a pinch, adding wax to your hair all the time may not only compromise the health and feel of your hair, but may make it more difficult for color to take.