Someone holding up a tube of red lipstick to their bright red lips wearing the same shade
TikTok's Dental Floss Lipstick Hack Can Save Your Makeup
A new trending TikTok hack will help you precisely achieve a blurred-edge effect lipstick look. floss. All you’ll need is a disposable floss pick, a cotton swab, lip gloss or oil, matte foundation or concealer, and your favorite tube of lipstick. (Just avoid any products with high moisture content.)
First, prime your lips by patting them with matte foundation or concealer. Next, take the flosser and rub it against the lipstick of your choice to load it up with the product. Use very gentle pressure as you move the floss around on the stick to avoid damaging your lipstick.
Once the floss is covered in lipstick, carefully use it to stamp a border of lipstick around the edges of your lips, and once you get to your cupid’s bow, stamp an ‘X’ shape to create the perfect pout. Then, clean the edges using a cotton swab and finish off this hack with a lip gloss or oil.