A woman wearing dark red lipstick.
TikTok’s Favorite Red Lip Hack Keeps Your Lipstick From Looking Harsh
TikTok beauty trends range from fleeting novelties to enduring hacks, with the recent viral red lip technique by makeup artist Pat McGrath, falling into the latter category.
This easy-to-recreate hack involves picking up pigment from your favorite red lipstick and delicately dabbing it onto the lips with the tip of your finger for a lived-in glam look.
When you’ve covered all your bases, simply start blending with quicker dabs or opt for steady strokes to achieve more even coverage while ensuring a mess-free application.
Alternatively, grab your densest eyeshadow brush and pick up the pigment from your red lipstick directly onto the brush before filling out your lips with an even coat of color.
Keep building up the pigment until you reach the boldness you want, and then blur the edges with your finger for an optional but stunning blurred finish.