Woman looking at her reflection in a full body mirror with her hands on her hips and smiling
TikTok's Kibbe Body Type Trend Can Help You Find Your Ideal Silhouette
Kibbe System
The Kibbe System was introduced in 1987 by stylist David Kibbe, who outlines 13 body types in his book. The body types center around “yin” — soft curvy features — and “yang” — sharp angular features — but the spectrum is made up of these and everything in between.
Yang Kibbe
The body types with more “yang” are dramatic and natural, with classic marking the transition into the softer traits. Dramatic is the most angular body type, natural is still angular but is closer to being soft, and classic is a blended balance of soft and sharp features.
Yin Kibbe
After soft classics, the Kibbe body types become more curvy and fleshy and are sorted into either the gamine or romantic categories. Gamine types are a mix of soft and angular features, and are all about contrast; the romantic body type is the softest and curviest.