Side view of a women with pink blush
TikTok's Lip Gloss Blush Hack Is The Easiest Way To Amp Up The Shine
Lip gloss is everywhere in 2023 and it’s not just being used for your lips anymore. Not only has TikTok taught us a way to determine the perfect blush placement, but the social media platform has also shown us why people have been applying lip gloss to their cheeks.
TikTok user @atosaaghakhani posted a video in which she applied a hot pink lip gloss to her cheeks and blended it until they were beautifully flushed. If you're worried about the stickiness from the lip gloss that may remain on your cheeks, don't worry because TikTok has already solved the problem.
TikToker @itsleekleeek shared a longer video walking viewers through a more detailed process as she attempted a slightly more involved version of the hack. In order to lessen the stickiness, she applies the lip gloss on her cheek, blends it, and sets it with powder.