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TikTok's New Mascara Trend Isn't About Makeup At All
Content Warning
This story contains discussions of sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse.
If you've been perusing TikTok lately in search of makeup products and techniques, you may have been confused over some of the videos labeled "#mascaratrend." Rather than mascara reviews or application methods, many #mascaratrend videos are about telling personal stories that contain sexual undertones.
Most TikTok creators use "mascara," or rather a mascara wand, as a euphemism for male genitalia, while in some versions, a mascara tube is used to represent female genitalia. However, creators like Madigracept have used #mascaratrend to bring awareness to sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse.
The reason for this euphemism is the TikTok terms of agreement, which strictly prohibit sexually explicit content of all kinds. This has confused many, including actor Julia Fox, who found herself in hot water when she commented on a video under the impression that it genuinely meant mascara.