Tips And Tricks For Budgeting Your Holiday Shopping
Make A List, Check It Twice
Before you step foot in any stores, start drafting a list of gift recipients. Once you're aware of who's made the cut, you can be on the lookout for deals and opportunities that may arise unexpectedly.
Homemade Gifts Are Sweet
DIY projects can be just as good as store bought gfts, just don't make anything you wouldn't want to receive, or hand out gifts that aren't fully assembled. A tin full of homemade cookies is always a big hit or up can grab some small jars, a fan brush, and various clay powders to create a flight of spa-worthy face masks.
Take Advantage Of Sales
This year, more than most, retailers are struggling to shift excess inventory, which means shoppers are poised to find plenty of steals on the clearance rack. However, while you’re taking advantage of major sales, make sure to only keep to the items on your list.
Creatively Repurpose Wares
To save a little cash, you can purchase new or lightly used items from resale sites or local marketplaces. And if you're not sure recipients would be comfortable with pre-owned clothing or accessories, get creative by repurposing a vintage piece of pottery to create a unique planter.
Plan A Gift Exchange
Trying to reign in spending when it comes to large groups is tough, so proposing a budget limit gift exchange like Secret Santa or White Elephant will help defray costs. Other ideas for cutting costs around the holiday season include a cookie exchange or potluck that way one person isn’t bearing the brunt of the food bill.
Use Sustainable Wrapping
Instead of spending money on pricey wrapping paper, choose alternative gift wrappings that are affordable and environmentally friendly. Recycling expert Shaye DiPasquale suggests using "Old sheet music, maps, newspapers, or even scraps of fabric will give a cool vintage look to any package.”