Close up of hand holding a gift while opening it
Tips For Addressing A Gifting Disparity In Your Relationship
If you're feeling awkward about the gift-giving differences between you and your partner, the best thing is to talk about it. When you know each other’s financial situation, you’ll be able to understand what gifts are okay and why there may be a disparity.
Gift Expectations
Everybody is raised differently when it comes to the aspect of gift-giving. This is something you need to discuss with your partner since there might not only be a difference in income but they might not be used to giving or getting gifts in general.
Love Languages
This could be an opportunity to talk about love languages since gifts are considered a love language. This isn’t a sign of materialism because when it comes to gift-giving and gift-receiving, even a small gift says so much.
Gestures Of Affection
You might want to give your partner the world, but gifts, no matter the size or price, are gestures of affection. Gifts don’t have to be necessary, so when you get one, see it for what it is, and keep in mind that it isn’t a competition.