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Tips For Guiding Your Partner Into A Healthier Lifestyle Without Being A Jerk
If you notice your partner suffering physically or mentally, there are ways to intervene without being too harsh, and to lovingly encourage them to adopt a healthier lifestyle.
Don’t Shame Them
A healthy lifestyle that works for you may not work for your partner, so refrain from statements like, "You need to go to the gym, eat better, and put your physical health first."
This can be interpreted as shaming, manipulating, and even abusing your partner, so don't be surprised if they lash out and decide to avoid a healthier lifestyle out of spite.
Share Your Feelings
When guiding your partner into a healthier lifestyle, remember it's about them and not you. Two people can have the same lifestyle, but the results may not be identical.
It's good to share the benefits you're experiencing, but it's best to leave it open-ended for your partner to have their own experiences by not making promises you can't keep.
Focus On The Daily Impact
It may be helpful to point out the benefits of a healthy lifestyle other than getting fit, like lower mental distress, reduced use of substances, and boosted life satisfaction.
That said, even little changes like moving their body for 30 to 40 minutes a day and replacing some processed food with whole food can make a difference your partner will notice.
Support Their Journey
Not everyone is into the idea of a healthy lifestyle, so this is your chance to be a part of your partner’s journey to help them ease into change and show them they’re not alone.
Make little changes to show them that healthier food tastes good and will make them feel better, or do some sun salutations and basic yoga positions with them at home.