Tips For Nailing Winged Liner On Hooded Eyes
Keep Your Eyes In Mind
Makeup artist Amalie Russel says that to “create an illusion” of a winged look on hooded eyes, don’t stretch your eyelid, and instead apply the eyeliner straight on. This way you can see the natural shape you’re working with, and ensure you’re applying the liner in a way that won’t be hidden by your eyelid.
Use The Bat Wing Technique
Who What Wear reports that making a “batwing” line will create a perfect wing that looks seamless on hooded eyes. The batwing shape can be done by drawing a slightly jagged wing going off your upper lash line; Amalie Russell describes the batwing as looking like a checkmark or hockey stick.
Clean It All Up
L’Oréal Paris suggests using an eye primer before any eye makeup application to stop any smudging that may occur; they also recommend setting any gel liner you use with black eyeshadow. And just like with any makeup, Masterclass says that you can use concealer to clean up your final eye look.
Open Up Your Eyes
Taking risks is part of the fun of learning a new makeup trick, like L’Oréal Paris’ suggestion that adding triangles to the inner corners of your eyes can help make them look wider and more open. Placing white liner on the bottom lid also helps give the look of bigger eyes, which could accentuate your look when combined with other techniques.
Change Up Your Tools
When it comes to applying eyeliner on hooded eyes, L’Orèal Paris suggests using gel eyeliner from a pot and a “fine-tipped brush” since these tools are more precise and will make application easier. Gel eyeliners also come in pencil form, but they don’t have as fine a tip, so be sure to have a q-tip on hand for clean-up.