Tips For Picking The Perfect Outfit When The Weather Is Unpredictable
Dress In Layers
When it comes to unpredictable weather, layering will always be your friend; start with a base layer like a simple tank or tee, then add a middle piece like a sweater, and top it off with an insulated outer layer like a winter coat. Dressing in layers gives you the flexibility to slip on or off an item depending on what it’s like outside.
Reach For Jeans
The versatility and durability of jeans makes them the perfect choice whether you’re dealing with thunderstorms or clear skies. You can make denim work even in warmer weather by opting for a lighter wash, rolling the cuffs, and wearing jeans made from lighter blends like cotton fiber to allow for breathing room.
Put On Cute Socks
Feet play a huge role in regulating body temperature, so socks are an easy way to ward off chilly temperatures while transforming your entire outfit. When it gets colder outside, knee-high socks pair great with jeans or a dress, and if the weather gets warmer, you can wear fun ankle socks with a more casual outfit.
Wear Sensible Shoes
A comfortable pair of shoes can make all the difference when you don’t know if you’re in for slush, mud, or snow. Waterproof shoes are the best choice for an unpredictable forecast, ballet flats or Birkenstocks are a good option for summer months, while lace-up boots or weatherproof sneakers are great for winter, per Buzzfeed.
Carry A Big Purse
Carrying a large handbag is a great way to free up your arms while ensuring that your essentials are safe and sound. Ideally, you want a bag that neatly organizes your personal belongings plus emergency items like an umbrella, extra jacket, or anything else that you might need to face any and all weather conditions.