Beautiful woman swimming on her back in a pool on a summer day. Time to pamper yourself and enjoy the outdoors.
Tips For Protecting Your Hair From Harsh Chlorine Pools
1. Rinse Your Hair
Before you dive into the pool, wash your hair under tap water for a few minutes so that the chlorine cannot penetrate into your hair and damage it.
Washing your hair with clean tap water first makes it less porous, which makes it more difficult for chlorine and other harsh chemicals in the pool to permeate the hair shaft.
2. Wear A Swim Cap
While swim caps are the easiest and safest way to protect your hair from chlorine, they are not airtight, and chlorinated water can still seep into it if you are diving.
Swim caps can also help you navigate pool activities with safety and confidence. They keep hair out of your face, even when you are gliding through the water.
3. Apply Leave-In Conditioner
After wetting your hair and before putting on your swim cap, apply a generous amount of leave-in conditioner to create a protective layer around your hair strands.
Leave-in conditioner helps moisturize your hair while in the water and prevents it from drying out afterward. To further protect from damage, spritz your wet hair with a swim spray.
4. Use Coconut Oil
Chlorine can deprive your hair of its natural oils, and coconut oil is one natural oil that is particularly good at preventing hair from absorbing chlorine while also moisturizing.
Before you go in the pool, massage a decent amount of coconut oil in your hair, starting at the roots. If you don’t have time to rinse, apply it to the ends of your hair instead.