Woman wearing a flannel shirt with a pair of jean shorts and beige tank
Tips For Putting A 2023 Spin On The Classic Flannel Shirt
Many people wear athletic clothes outside of the gym, like leggings, sports bras, yoga pants, and athletic sneakers. Amp up your outfit by adding a flannel on top of your sportswear.
Skinny Jeans
Whether you love or hate them, skinny jeans are making a comeback. Pair an oversized flannel with body-hugging skinny jeans for a flattering look that shows off your figure and stylish outfit.
Shorts & Sneakers
Flannels are typically casual on their own, but you can dress your flannel down even more by wearing it with a pair of sneakers and denim shorts. A cozy flannel is perfect for laid-back spring and summer days.
Mini Dress
Flannels can also be dressed up by wearing them over a stylish mini-dress. The mini dress will help you exude a more chic, sophisticated vibe than a T-shirt or pants.
Add a vest over your flannel for a more modern and unique appearance. The vest is perfect for keeping you warm on chillier days.