Tips For Quelling An Unhealthy Competitive Spirit
Why You Feel Competitive
Competition is not inherently negative, but when it impedes other things, like relationships, ask yourself why you feel like you need to prove yourself. Childhood experiences can affect a person’s self-esteem as an adult, so you may be seeking love and approval.
How To Boost Self-Esteem
Whether low-self esteem stems from childhood or is cultivated over time, the best way to quell an unhealthy competitive spirit is by boosting self-esteem, like competing against your own personal record in athletics or education. Competing against yourself rather than others may make you feel better and gain self-esteem based on your own accomplishments.
Say Bye To Negative Thoughts
Believing that you're worthless if you cannot succeed at a task, and convincing yourself that it’s the truth will only hurt your self-esteem, so the negative self-talk must stop. Keep tabs on self-criticism by keeping a small notebook and writing negative thoughts, and if it’s not something you’d say to a friend, you shouldn't be saying it to yourself.
Spending Time With Yourself
Enjoying spending time with yourself without competition is a healthy way to boost esteem, whether that’s cooking, painting, exercising, or playing an instrument. It also helps to take a social media break so you don’t compare yourself to others, and if you need some encouragement, invite a supportive friend to join you in your activities.
Mind(fulness) Over Matter
Seek accomplishments to improve one’s own ability for self-growth, and practices like repeating mantras while meditating can help you shift your mindset. Repeating an affirmative phrase to yourself throughout the day can boost self-esteem, and visualizing achievements through mindfulness and meditation can help you achieve better outcomes.
Celebrate More
Always celebrate your personal wins, because acknowledging the things you do well throughout the day will bring positivity into your life. You can also celebrate the wins of others, so when a colleague or friend succeeds, offer them genuine congratulations because you’re breaking down the mental barriers of your own unhealthy competitive spirit.