A woman having sunscreen with SPF applied to her face on top of her makeup
Tips For Reapplying SPF Over Your Makeup (Because, Yes, You Need To)
Although there are several products out there intended for sunscreen touchups, from powders to facial mists, many experts caution against relying on them alone for substantial coverage. This means that your best bet for sun protection is reapplying sunscreen on top of your makeup.
Sunscreen needs to be reapplied every two hours and experts say an SPF 30 is sufficient. Reapplication of sunscreen over makeup is a breeze — just squeeze a bit of sunscreen on your applicator and gently dab it over your makeup for even coverage without lifting any product.
For a softer finish, use a mattifying setting spray or powder containing SPF to set the sunscreen. Alternatively, you can rinse off your makeup or sunscreen and reapply from step one.