woman with monolids rocking a smoky eye makeup look
Tips For Rocking A Smoky Eye On Monolids
Prime Your Lids
Without an eyelid crease, those with monolids tend to get oily eyelids, which makes using an eye primer crucial. It will prevent oiliness and act as an even canvas for your makeup.
To help suck up even more of that extra grease, add a touch of translucent powder, especially on the area closest to your brow line where oil ducts are more prevalent.
Create The Illusion Of Eye Sockets
Monolids have more subtle eye sockets compared to other eye shapes. To mimic the depth of a prominent eye socket, use eyeshadow that complements the color of your smoky eye.
Once you have the appropriate shade, apply it with a brush under your brow bone where a crease would be. Apply in a back-and-forth motion until the socket is more defined.
Deepen The Color On The Outer Corners
For the outer corners of your smoky eye, apply a dark shade of eyeshadow in a sideways V shape, with the pointy part of the V pointing away from your eye and toward your temple.
The outer corners should look darker and more defined, so to show a clear contrast, lighten your touch when you're moving to the center of your lid.
Line Your Eyes
If you can distinguish the liner from the shadow, you haven't quite achieved a smoky eye. To avoid this, use the side of your eyeliner pencil and press down on your lash line.
For monolids, makeup artist Thuy Pham recommends using a black waterproof pencil, as "they have more wax in them and don't move as much as the regular kind.”
Blend It All In
To blend the harsh edges of the eyeshadow in and around the corners of your eyes, use a fluffy brush and a lighter shade that complements your skin tone.
You’ll know your smoky eye look is complete when it looks seamless, as if all the shades are flowing into one another, and there are no sharp lines left.