Vertical Shot Of Clothing Rail With Bright Trendy Clothes Hanging On Hangers And Shoes Over Pink Studio Background In Empty Room.
Tips For Styling A Clothing Rack For The Perfect Aesthetic
Clothing racks have become beneficial for creating extra storage for clothes and elevating the look of a room. Styling a clothing rack can be tricky, but here are a few easy tips to help you turn your clothing rack into the perfect aesthetic.
Pick Out The Right Rack
First, find a rack that matches your room’s interior, such as a complementary color or rack design. Consider sizes and models, so pick one that will fit in your space and you may want extra storage for shoes.
Avoid Hanging Too Much
Avoid displaying everything you have in your closet on the clothing rack, instead, pick out the best pieces you wear often. Hang around 10 to 15 items to prevent overcrowding your rack.
Evenly Space Out Your Items
Evenly space out your items so they look visually appealing, and use the two-finger space hack between each hanger. Coats are thicker and will take up more space on the rack, so opt for lighter jackets to prevent the rack from looking too full.
Get Matching Hangers
You should buy matching hangers for your clothing rack because they will be seen by you and everyone who enters your room. Nice hangers complete the entire aesthetic, so invest in felt and velvet hangers to create a cohesive and stylish clothing rack.