Woman with long, wavy, shiny blond hair in front of dark blue background, back view.
Tips For Styling Your Naturally Wavy Hair
Brush in the Shower
It’s natural to want to brush your hair after a shower, but try brushing it in the shower while you have conditioner on. Tangles are an issue for people with wavy hair, so combing will help prevent them when you get out of the shower.
It might be challenging to find the appropriate products for your hair type, but you can’t go wrong with focusing on hydration. Hydrating products will help manage the frizz of your hair and make it easier to manage.
Length and Style
While you can style your hair as you wish, there are lengths and styles that suit wavy hair better. Layered looks, lobs, pixie and bixie cuts are flattering for people with wavy hair, and will require low maintenance.
Divide Into Sections
Every hair type requires a different routine to style it and wavy hair is best styled when tackled in sections. By dividing your hair into sections, you will make sure that you don’t miss a spot when it’s done.
Scrunch in Mousse
To add some more texture to your waves, try scrunching the mousse in. Instead of patting the mousse or putting the product in a pulling motion, scrunching will enhance the waves, just don’t be too aggressive.