Tips For Taking A Puffer Coat From Comfy To Chic
Comfy Athleisure
A rise in the popularity of athleisure wear has resulted in it being incorporated into everyday outfits to make a fashion statement. Throw on a puffer coat with leggings and chunky sneakers to remain comfortable yet stylish.
Sweatpant Sets
Keep the comfort going by pairing a puffer coat with sweats or stylish knitwear. Wear a matching hoodie and sweatpants for an elevated sporty look, and match it with your favorite sneakers or comfortable fleece-lined boots.
Monochrome outfits are all the rage right now and you can create this look with your favorite colored puffer coat. If you love beige neutrals, wear your coat, top, and bottoms within the same beige color family.
Classic Jeans
For a timeless outfit, wear jeans and a puffer coat; you can wear a button-up or t-shirt depending on the vibe you’re going for. You have the freedom to choose whatever shoes you want, but the most popular choice with jeans are sneakers and boots.
Skirt Moment
Skirts are an excellent way to make your puffer coat look chic. Whether it’s a maxi or a mini skirt, wear tights and thigh-high boots to keep warm while creating the perfect contrast to your skirt’s silhouette.