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Tips That Will Help You Get More Matches On Dating Apps
Be Authentic
If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, then put it in your profile. It’s important to be up-front and let people know where you stand and be true to your wants and needs. Be authentic in what you want to get out of dating apps and put that energy out there.
Wave Your Freak Flag
Don’t shy away from the real you. Even those people out there who swear up and down that they’re “normal” are still weird. Your quirkiness is going to lure in a fellow weirdo, and that’s exactly what you want.
Get Real
You’re a person with thoughts and feelings, so use every chance to add a preference or answer a profile prompt or matching question is the time to tell a piece of your story. Let others have a chance to connect with you on a deeper level than just your appearance.
Make Eye Contact
Experts agree that the very first photo on your dating profile should be one of you looking directly at the camera. Not only do these photos perform better, but they help you stand out and make you appear trustworthy because a lot can be read in someone’s eyes.
Use Peak Times
Hopping onto your dating apps at the right time plays a big role in the number of matches you’ll get while swiping. In general, the real action across the board is around 9 p.m. on weeknights.
According to a survey by Grammarly and eHarmony, proper grammar is far more appealing than confidence for all genders. Even if you’re not the best proofreader, at least let a friend or two take a look before you post that epic profile.