Close up of a woman with glowing skin and a patch of moisturizer on her cheek
Tips To Ensure Your Glass Skin Look Doesn't Veer Into Oily Territory
Natural Skin Type
Glass skin can work with all skin types and the process usually involves a double cleanse, exfoliation, a pH-balancing toner, essence, a layer of serum or oil, and moisturizer and SPF. However, if you have naturally greasy skin, the process might look a little different.
Lightweight Moisture
Glass skin is all about showing off your luminous, moisturized glow, and you can achieve that with a lightweight moisturizer. Since there are many layers to achieve this look, all the different hydrating products work together to keep the skin feeling fresh and nourished.
Highlighting makeup is a must-have for amplifying this dewy, shiny look. It’s best applied to the cheekbones, inner corners of the eyes, and Cupid’s bow of the lips, but don’t go overboard on the center of your face because you can create an oily look instead.
Glow From The Inside
If your skin already produces enough sebum, applying moisturizing products will make you look more greasy. However, never skip on inner hydration because water is important, and has been proven to help the skin look better.