A woman applies mascara to her short lashes
Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Mascara If You Have
Short Lashes
Use A Lash Curler
If your lashes are short, you should use an eyelash curler to give the illusion of longer lashes. Apart from a classic eyelash curler, you can also invest in a heated one which is much less intimidating as no clamping is involved.
Curl From Root To Tip
For a natural-looking curl, makeup artist Tobi Henney says to “tilt your head slightly in the mirror, open up the lash curler, and then just gently lift the curler over your upper lash line [...] slowly [pinching] it.” After you release, keep moving the curler up and pinching the lashes until you reach the end.
Don’t Skip Tightlining
Tightlining is an easy way to darken and enhance your eyes without using mascara, especially if you’re going for a no-makeup makeup look. To do this, take a dark waterproof pencil liner and use it to line your upper lash line, getting as close to your roots as you can.
Use Lengthening Mascara
When picking a mascara, choose a lengthening one over a volumizing one, though a mascara that promises both is also a great choice. We also recommend choosing a waterproof mascara formula, as those tend to hold a curl better.
Apply At Least Two Layers
Adding at least one or two extra layers using mascara with a thinner consistency will help accentuate your lashes. Each mascara will perform differently when layered so you’ll need to experiment. Always apply to a clean lash and keep a spoolie brush handy to prevent and combat clumping.