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Tips To Master The ‘No Contact Rule’ Because It's Time To Move On
Block Their Number
It should be an obvious step to block your ex’s phone number because it prevents them from reaching you, especially if you’re going no contact. It becomes impossible for them to send those late-night text messages to break you down and win you back over.
Social Media Block
Blocking your ex on social media revokes their access to all of your life updates where they can see what you’re doing, who you’re with, and whether or not you’re okay. You should also make your profiles private, in case they try making fake accounts.
Delete Photos
If you want to avoid the risk of wanting to contact your ex, delete the old pictures you have of and with them. You’ll remember all the happy memories and forget why the relationship ended in the first place, so delete them to help you heal and move on.
Clear Old Messages
For the same reason, you should also clear out all your old text messages. Reading old conversations can remind you of the good times or it can show you how toxic the relationship was, but either way, you shouldn’t reminisce about it.
No Updates
Ask any friends you share with your ex to not tell you anything new about them. Mutual friends might know that your ex has started dating someone new, so instead of bringing that information to you, it's vital for them to keep it to themselves.