Happy couple sitting in bar on a date.
To Get To Know Your Date Better, Enter A Longdez-Vous
Just as its catchy name suggests, a longdez-vous is a lengthier alternative to brief, superficial dates and hookups when trying to get to know someone new better.
Instead of going on six standard dates and still not knowing the other person's middle name, a longdez-vous packs more quality time, making it easier to gauge compatibility.
Keep initial meetings quick, like a precursor to an extended second date. You can spend more time with deeper and more meaningful conversations if you see any potential.
Beyond the initial jitters and awkwardness, the longdez-vous can help you develop a genuine bond with the other person or discover major red flags and incompatibilities.
Per the data of dating app Badoo, the average date lasts around 2.5 hours, and 39% agreed that a longdez-vous is ideal for getting to know a potential partner better.