Woman's hands with a tortoiseshell pattern manicure
Tortoise Shell Manicures Are Having A Moment: 20 Ideas For Your Nail Appointment
The classic way to do tortoise shell nails is to paint the design over each nail. This design looks best on almond-shaped nails because square nails would contrast the design’s fluid shapes, but don’t be scared to explore and see what works best for you.
You might not be into doing the tortoise shell design on every nail, so you can mix it up with neutral-colored nails. Try doing the design on one and a half nails or two and play with neutrals for the rest.
Outlined Tips
Since the tortoise shell design is so versatile and neutral, it works great when combined with other nail art trends. You can try it out with outlined nail tips, which is a delicate way to accentuate your nail length and have you ready for spring.
Splatter Nails
Tortoise shell patterns are all about organic shapes, so instead of painting over all of your nails, try a splatter design. You can play with it too by doing only a couple of nails and if you want to add a little more to the design, you can add specks of gold.
Accent Nails
If you don’t have the patience to do the tortoise shell design on every nail, two nails on each hand will be just fine. Any two nails will do, but the middle and ring finger are usually the safest choices and you can choose a neutral that matches the shell design to bring more attention to them.