Young woman running on a treadmill in a gym
Treadmill Strut: The Viral TikTok Workout You Need To Know
Created by Allie Bennett
In early 2022, TikTok user Allie Bennett began sharing her "treadmill strut" workouts. The instantly viral exercises are surprisingly simple: Bennett shares a 30 - 45 minute playlist that encourages listeners to strut their stuff while they run on the treadmill.
Her Followers Love It
Bennett's TikTok account, @benntheredonethat, has gained over half a million followers. Her influence has spread among other social media platforms and even celebrities have joined in on the fun as Lizzo shared a video of herself trying out Bennett's strut to her music.
Widespread Media Attention
Her workout has gained mainstream attention with an interview by Ryan Seacrest and features in outlets like Parade. Spotify also picked up on the trend by curating its own "treadmill strut" music recommendations although she has expressed frustration at the service’s failure to credit or compensate her for the idea.
Confidence, Not Calories
After she was featured on the “Today Show,” Bennett made it clear that the hosts got one key detail wrong when they discussed the strut’s ability to burn calories. She clarified that her mission is to remind us that “fitness should just be about finding a form of movement you enjoy and look forward to.”