Woman with red nails holding her hand to her face
Treat And Prevent Gel Nail Lifting With Our Favorite Tips
Prevent Chipping
Preventing chipping will increase the longevity of your manicure and keep it looking better longer. For starters, keep your hands dry on the day you plan to get gel nails, both before and after you manicure, and remember to wear gloves when doing chores that involve water and never use your nails as tools.
Use Cuticle Oil Regularly
Applying cuticle oil daily is essential to the health of your nail beds, your cuticles, and the skin around them. Not only will cuticle oil make your nails grow faster and create a nail bed that is stronger, more flexible, and less brittle, but it also helps
your gel manicure last longer.
Use Hand Cream
After getting your nails done, using hand cream daily is a must, as hydrated hands will always hold onto a manicure longer. Hand cream will restore and lock in moisture and boost elasticity to keep the skin around your nails healthy, which prevents dehydration and skin peeling that can ruin your manicure.
Apply Thin Polish Coats
When using thin coats of polish, the product can cure fully and build on top of each coat, as opposed to thick coats which peel, chip, and tend to look bumpy and messy. Each coat should only take about three swipes, and you never want to apply so much pressure to the brush that the fibers bend.
Cap Your Free Edge
Your free edge is the tip of your nail — fake or real — not directly on top of your nail bed. When applying gel nail polish, you must add a thin coat to the vertical edge that hangs off to reduce the risk of oils or water finding its way between your natural nails and gel application.