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Trendy Azulene Oil Is More Like Retinol Than We Thought
Azulene oil is a plant extract that boasts a myriad of skin-benefitting properties in addition to its stunning blue appearance. Azulene has even been compared to retinol, a popular skincare product, so here is what you should know if you want to use both of these powerful products in your skincare routine.
Azulene oil can soothe a wide range of skin irritations and inflammation, including post-shaving bumps, redness, ingrown hairs, as well as sunburns. It also helps the skin maintain moisture, improves skin barrier function, protecting the skin from potential sensitivities and keeping it smooth, and is added to a number of acne treatment products.
According to dermatologist Jessie Cheung, retinol and azulene work well together because retinol rejuvenates the skin by regulating skin cell shedding, and azulene helps to lessen the irritating side effects that are usually linked to vitamin A derivatives. To balance your skin's microbiome and lessen irritation, you can also apply azulene oil on top of your retinol.