a woman with brown long highlighted hair
Try A Coffee Balayage For Rich, Dynamic Tones
Blonde Roast
For those with light hair, a blonde coffee balayage offers brighter brown highlights that are dark enough to give more shadow but light enough to make you glow.
Even for those with medium or dark hair, a light coffee balayage will add a stark contrast for those who are looking for a statement hair design.
Medium Espresso
These medium tones are similar to a cup of coffee and contain plenty of richness. The slightly deep brown tone will play with shadows, giving your hair depth.
Mixed Mocha
Take advantage of the dynamic brown color by mixing in all the available color tones in your balayage. This will produce shadow, depth, and richness.
For those overwhelmed by their favorite coffee color, this mixture of light, medium, and dark hues is the perfect solution to your dilemma.
Dark Brown
A dark brown balayage offers a rich and lightening touch for darker hair, suiting both summer and fall vibes with its coffee-colored richness and glowing lighter tones.