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Try Peel-Off Lip Liner For A Look That Will Stay All Day
For a lasting look on your lips without dealing with the pros and cons of a permanent lip liner, try a peel-off liner. It's not for everyone, but it's definitely worth trying.
Beauty TikToker Cici Haskill posted a video where she uses a peel-off liner with no issues. However, the merits and drawbacks of it need further investigation.
TikToker @sav_lam wasn't happy with the results, claiming, "My lips hardly look different." They brought up the product's cons, like the fear of messing it up and a strange smell.
However, others feel that the pros outweigh the cons. User @_skintobeauty wrote, "Bro this is something to get used to but once you do, omg the stain legit lasts ALLL day!"
Many TikTokers who tried peel-off liners used the Sacheau Beauty Lip Liner Stay-N Peel-Off Lip Liner Tattoo. A good alternative is the Wonderskin Wonder Blading lip stain.