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Tubing Mascara Vs. Regular Mascara: What's The Difference?
While mascara can give your eyes a big lift, removing the stubborn black goop off your eyelashes at the end of the day can be a struggle. No matter how hard you wipe and scrub, you might still be left with irritated, raccoon eyes. If you’re tired of this process, tubing mascara might be the solution to your problems.
Tubing mascaras contain flexible cone-like polymers that encase each lash with a tube. They’re not prone to smudge or clump, and work well with oily and sensitive skin types. It is also much easier to remove than regular wax-based mascaras.
To remove all you need is to hold a cotton pad soaked with warm water against your lashes for 30 seconds and gently swab. No tugging, no hassles, and no going to bed with panda eyes and eyelash fallout. The only reported disadvantage is that its formula might feel wetter compared to its traditional counterpart and take longer to dry.