Cropped shot of a young woman showing off her engagement ring
Unearthing If There's A Real Difference Between Lab-grown Diamonds And
The Real Thing
Considering that diamonds are a classic and popular option for an engagement ring or jewelry item, you must choose whether you want to invest in natural or lab-grown diamonds. Despite the fact that there isn't much of a visual difference between these two diamonds, there are differences that influence their price, supply, and sustainability.
They are essentially identical in terms of look, hardness, purity, and durability, however natural diamonds include a small amount of nitrogen while lab-grown diamonds do not. Lab-grown diamonds are more popular because they are not mined in deplorable conditions and do not use as many natural resources to produce, making them a far cleaner choice than natural diamonds.
If you’re into rare jewels and want to invest in something for generations to come, natural diamonds are the way to go, since they are likely to resell at a higher value than a lab-grown diamond. If you aren't someone who gives importance to the rarity of natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are the perfect fit, since they last as long and are 30% cheaper.