Whenever you get a sunburn you probably run for the aloe, but what you might not know is that some things actually make your sunburn worse. Chemical exfoliants like retinol will definitely aggravate your sunburn, but there are also things you shouldn't eat, drink, or use when it comes to sunburns.
If you’re at the beach and about to reach for a beer, put it down, because alcohol will reduce the amount of time it takes for UV light to cause a sunburn. You should also hold off eating celery when out under the sun, since eating too much of it can cause sunburns to get worse.
Stay off of technology when you're outside, because the devices reflect UV rays back onto our faces, and they do it at an increased rate. Medications like ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatory medicines contain photosensitizing agents that absorb the sun’s UV rays easily, leading to harsh sunburns, so don’t take these meds if you’re about to lay in the sun.