Female hands of a hair master. Close-up of blond hair on a curling iron. Curling curls.
Utah Curls Are The Hair Trend We Can't Get Enough Of - Here's How To Get The Look
A hairstyle known as "Utah curls" has been trending on TikTok. Named after the state in which they first became popular, they are a style of loose, beachy waves with straight ends.
Golden Waves
Golden lowlights help amplify the beachy feel of Utah curls and make the movement inspired by the waves more visible and dynamic. They make the whole look pop.
Utah curls in glossy liquid brunette hair create a warm, glossy, inviting feeling that ice-cold platinum just can't replicate.
Varying Curls
For a natural look, alternate between larger and smaller sections while curing your hair to enhance the look of natural waves, then use your fingers to brush the curls.
Uniform Waves
You can achieve perfectly uniform curl patterns by selecting equal-sized sections and consistently wrapping them in the same direction, away from your face.
Utah curls can be achieved on short to medium-length hair by wrapping front sections around a curling iron and alternating directions for a messy, undone look.