a group of friends shopping
Wardrobe Envy Is A Real Thing That Could Be Hurting Your Friendships
Assess Your True Feelings
Like anger, envy is a secondary emotion that shields you from deeper primary emotions that can be hard to process. Being envious of a friend’s wardrobe is a similar situation.
Journal about how seeing your friends’ wardrobe makes you feel. Dig deep until you find the primary emotion; maybe it makes you feel insecure about your body or sense of style.
Communicate Openly
After identifying the root emotions, be honest with your friends. By sharing how you feel, you can provide relief to your friends who may have sensed negativity from you.
This creates a deeper understanding among the group and encourages them to reflect on their own emotional triggers. This openness can help bring you all closer together.
Experiment With Your Own Style
Identifying what you envy about your friends’ wardrobes can help you better understand what you want for your own style. With those answers, you’ll know where to take action.
For example, if you envy the way your friend expresses themselves through colors and patterns, put effort into finding shades that feel like home to you to add to your wardrobe.