Close up of a woman applying mascara to her eyelashes with a mascara wand
Waterproof Mascara May Be A Lifesaver, But It Comes With Caveats
Proper Removal
Beauty experts recommend using micellar cleansing water, tear-free baby shampoo, waterproof eye makeup remover, and oils like coconut, olive, almond, and baby oil. Instead of scrubbing, gently press the cotton against your lashes in 30-second intervals until the mascara loosens and removes itself.
Bedtime Routine
It is important to completely remove waterproof mascara before going to bed because it can dry out eyelashes, causing them to become brittle, crack, and potentially fall out. Furthermore, the wax and oils can seep into your eyes as they’re pressed against your pillow, increasing the risk of irritation, bacterial infections, or styes.
Lash Hydration
Even if you properly remove waterproof mascara, it is known to dry out eyelashes, so there are additional steps you should take. A lash primer before application and a lash conditioner between uses will keep your lashes hydrated.
Know The Ingredients
One of the caveats that come with any beauty product is whether it's made up of ingredients you feel safe using, so make sure to check before purchase. The types of oils and wax in the mascaras on the market vary greatly and keep in mind that "natural" doesn't always mean "free from potential downsides."