Ways To Be More Empathetic Towards Your Partner
Don’t Be Judgmental
The more judgmental you are, the more you risk your partner shutting down forever. TCK Publishing says you can be less judgmental by becoming more self-aware — when you notice a negative thought about what your partner is telling you, ask yourself why you feel the need to judge them in the first place.
Put Yourself In Their Shoes
When you put yourself in your partner’s shoes, you try to imagine what it would feel like to deal with their present circumstances, showing real empathy. A truly empathetic individual is able to analyze two opposing positions at the same time while still being able to think for themselves.
Be A Good Listener
Harvard Business Review explains that the best listeners never speak when others are talking, show facial expressions, use small verbal cues, and are able to repeat what others have said verbatim. Someone who is in need of an empathetic partner probably has a lot to say and genuinely needs a listening ear.
Help With Their Problems
If your partner has a problem, you can help by identifying the root cause of the issue. Then, you can evaluate the options before you help them act on the solution; your empathetic side shows through when you show your partner you’re willing to think about ways to make their life better.
Help Carry The Weight
If your partner is stressed or is dealing with anxiety, you can lighten their load by offering to do some of the chores that would normally be their responsibility. When you help take on your partner's burdens, you ensure they don’t feel like they’re suffering alone when they need emotional support.