We Already Know What Engagement Ring Trends Are Going To Be Hot With 2023
Single-Oval Diamond
Both minimalist and maximalist brides love the beautiful simplicity of a single oval diamond and its flattering effect on the fingers. Solitaire oval diamonds are suitable for pragmatic brides who want something classic and are versatile rings that will look elegant for years to come.
Black Diamond
Equal parts edgy, dramatic, and elegant, black diamonds are associated with passion, power, and creativity. In addition to their bold look, black diamonds are incredibly durable and don’t require much cleaning; they are also often less expensive than white or colorless diamonds.
Three-Stone Settings
Three-stone engagement rings, also known as trilogy rings, traditionally include a large center stone flanked by two smaller ones, but modern jewelers also offer equal-sized stones. The three gems represent the couple’s past, present, and future, and the three settings allow couples to get creative with gem choices.
Toi Et Moi
French for “you and me,” Toi et Moi rings combine two unique cuts, shapes, and sizes together on one band. Jeweler Taylor & Hart explains that most Toi et Moi rings feature two stones of a similar shape and size to maintain symmetry, but couples are free to experiment with gemstones that reflect their individual tastes.
Cluster Stones
Cluster rings contain many small diamonds or gemstones placed close together to create an intense sparkle. Usually, these rings feature smaller stones grouped around one large central stone, but these days more and more brides are incorporating different colors and shapes into one design.