woman close-up with green eyes and black eyeshadow
We Found The Easiest Smudged Smoky Eye Hack
A smoky eye can be dramatic or subtle, but the key is correctly blending the shades. A TikTok hack can help you achieve a quick smoky eye using your fingers instead
of brushes.
Start by tightlining your upper and lower waterline with eyeliner. Close your eyes and gently rub them with your fingers, moving them from side to side for a smudged look.
Next, grab a brown eyeshadow and gently apply it on top of the smudge and blend it in. Then, apply mascara generously to achieve a bold and daring look.
This technique created some safety concerns. The Atlantic Eye Institute says rubbing your eyes excessively can cause damage, like scratching the cornea and eye infections.
However, this only happens with “too much rubbing,” which is “more than just once or twice per day.” So, unless you’re wearing a smoky eye every day, you should be fine.