Megan Markle sitting with her hands in her lap
We Tried Meghan Markle's Perfume & Lived Our English Cottagecore Dreams
Meghan Markle's preferred perfume is Jo Malone Wild Bluebell. Released in 2011, it retails for $165 and contains floral notes like bellflower, clove, and musk.
The fragrance's top notes include bellflower and dewdrop, and its wet scent hangs in the air for just a few moments before making way for the cologne's heart notes.
Once its top notes fade, Wild Bluebell takes on a slightly soapy essence, which is derived from persimmon, and mixes with a solar fragrance.
Like other Jo Malone fragrances, Wild Bluebell is beautifully blended but projects softly. It mostly smells the same several hours later, and the musk base note rounds it out.
Overall, Wild Bluebell is a classically feminine fragrance, thanks to an explosion of sweet floral notes, that also sports a mature, sophisticated side.